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Escort lady means escort women who accompany people who will go to the organization for an invitation . Example; The European side of Istanbul or in one of the Anatolian side of the continent vibe you had a meal and take with you to you (escort) to accompany escırt supposed to be, ” elite female ‘escorts will help you in this regard. According to the female escort, there is a paid or unpaid event. For example, if the person shows up in this search and asks for a fee, they will charge a small fee while accompanying you to the invitations. But if he says no, I just want to see new places and hang out, I ‘m not a paid female friend , then it’s free. cheap escort women in istanbulDon’t be intimidated by that ”cheap escort girl” in the word, it doesn’t mean shoddy İstanbul Escorts . An ugly masseuse does not mean that you will attend the invitation with a female partner, on the contrary, by looking at their profile photos, you can find both economical (suitable for your budget) and sexy, well-groomed and beautiful istanbul female escorts on our site, and you can make an appointment with them as you wish, thanks to the escort contact numbers in their profile information .

İstanbul Escort Girl

İ ‘in quality escort you’ll find ads for “Istanbul” in the elite district of the city by way of example mainly in the European part of the region; You can enter our website with important words such as taksim escort, beşiktaş escort, mecidiyeköy escort, Şişli escort, ataköy escort by scanning Istanbul escort searches with main word preferences such as Vip Escort , European Side Escort , Anatolian Side Escort , Rus Escort , Elite escort . .!

In our reliable Escort Girl site of the city ​​of Istanbul, there are dozens of categories covering the advertisements that may be of interest to you. Our aim is to find the best escort girls for you in Istanbul, in accordance with your search for escort girls. You can reach the profile and contact information related to escort Istanbul ladies, where you can get service in the nearest region, with your smart mobile phones in the fastest way. Our main target areas from Istanbul districts are; You can reach the phone number information about the women you can talk to 24/7 in districts such as Beylikdüzü, Ataşehir, Halkalı, Capa, Fındıkzade, Bakırköy.

Need an İstanbul Escort?

You can reach escort lady ads that serve 7/24 quality, reliable and beloved on our site . You can find a female friend who can accompany you by visiting the showcase page where we frequently publish weekly and monthly updated female escort ads.

Is İstanbul Escort Site Trustworthy?

We have been serving for a long time as an istanbul escort site that is selective in its escort ads and publishes very meticulous ads , without sacrificing quality at all times . As one of the words we constantly say, we can say that; Quality escorts are not aware of the site, call us!

What are İstanbul Escort Sessions and Fees?

We generally do not publish the session and fee information of escort ladies in Istanbul. However, we add it to the profile information at the request of the lady who advertises. To answer the question; There are hundreds of dating ads that serve as single session, nightly and hourly. For detailed information about fees and sessions, you can contact the female escort you will contact and get the necessary answers.

Do Escorts in İstanbul Coming Home + Office + Hotel?

In general, almost all escorts come to the hotel. For escorts who come to the home or office, you can get detailed information by contacting the owner of the ad. Some escort ladies do not come to the home or office for security reasons and they prefer to serve only by coming to the hotel .

Do You Have İstanbul Escorts With Own Place/House?

All escort girls of course have their own luxury flat or house. However, this does not mean that he will invite his customer to his home in the first meeting. Although this is completely related to time and trust, the lady you go to as a customer a few times over time can open the doors of her house, which is her own place.

Are there any clean escorts in İstanbul?

Escorts in Istanbul usually have frequent health checks. You may have had a bad experience with an escort woman who is sick or sick, but this does not include all escort ladies, but it would be the right answer not to burn them all for a reason.

Looking for a Video Show/Live Talk Escort?

Our İ site does not share information about escort girls postings with video, torrent and live talk, as they generally publish female friend advertisements to establish companionship and sexual intercourse. This is a special type of service that can be provided via WhatsApp, completely at the discretion of the advertisers on our site.

Hijab (closed) Escort? Open Escort?

We can say that tastes and colors are indisputable; This choice is entirely up to the taste and style of the person or people looking for female escort. Hijab girls have hidden gems, but open girls also have more hidden talents.


Istanbul Escorts Guide

A brief search online and you will uncover dozens of escort agencies for Istanbul, along with a number of websites belonging to independent escorts.

Due to the strict advertising rules in Turkey, we cannot promote these websites.

Sex in Istanbul

Whilst prostitution is legal in Istanbul, navigating safe places to find sex is important. The city has a lot of brothels and freelance prostitutes providing services in hotels and erotic massage parlours.

​Swinging Clubs

Swinging does take place in Istanbul but is a taboo subject and the lifestyle is not as popular. as in the rest of Europe. The government has blocked some swinging sites so it is increasingly difficult to hook up with other swinging couples. If you are trying to find local or visiting couples then your best chances of a private party are via connections made on sites like Adult Friend Finder, Fetlife or

Strip Clubs

There are no strip clubs anymore in Istanbul since the longstanding Regina Revue was closed in 2011. Formerly providing cabaret style entertainment with strip shows, the Regina Revue was the last such venue in the city.

There are places which crop up around the city that purport to offer strip entertainment but these are often notorious scams. Staffed by women who gyrate fully clothed around poles, tourists are charged exorbitantly high prices for food and drink with no flesh on show.

Sex Shops

There are dozens of istanbul sex shops in Istanbul, all mainly supplying standard bedroom sex aids. They are popular with locals as well as tourists and are generally in quite open areas and not shady back streets.

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The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul lies to the north of the country and falls in the south-eastern edge of Europe. Home to around 15 million people and entertaining a further 10 million tourists, Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. It is a culturally rich metropolis and was the heart of ancient empires from the Roman to the Ottoman. Formerly known as Constantinople, the city is a diverse blend of East and West with rich and colourful buildings, bazaars and people. Whilst the heart of Istanbul lies firmly in its traditional Turkish roots, it is also welcoming of the modern trappings of the west. It is a fascinating place to spend time and you can find an array of diversions to entertain you, day and night.

In this guide, we take a look at the more adult side of the city.

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Istanbul has a huge and flourishing escorts scene and is a major hub for touring escorts that have Istanbul on their to-do-list. Prostitution has a long tradition in this region. During those times it was perfectly normal for a man to have three women in his life: a wife, a concubine and a courtesan. Why not go back in time and give it a shot? Thankfully escorting and other paid sex services are legal and regulated by the government.

Brothels are tolerated too and the same goes even for streetwalking as long as the street hookers have a license and have regular health check-ups. Despite the variety of paid sex services your best bet for are usually escorts. You can usually look them up on internet where you will come across escort directories such as ( ) or agency sites like Istanbul Escort Girls ( ).

As usual: keep in mind that photos of girls, especially those on escort agency sites can be heavily photo shopped or even entirely fake. Sometimes the websites of “independent” escort operating from Istanbul look very similar, especially those made by free software.

This raises the impression the same webmaster or agency is operating behind the schemes. It’s not that agency girls cannot deliver good service but the fact the agency owners are hiding their identity could be a bad indication. In order to avoid huge disappointments possible ask also for selfies via WhatsApp and check out if you are really taking to the girl you wish to meet. Checking in Google whether the same phone numbers is not in use at the same time by any other girls is also a very wise thing to do in case you want to have more certainty.

A phenomenon in Turkey that can be witnessed more recently also in the Istanbul escort scene is that clients pay with fake money. There are several cases where escorts have been deceived by receiving fake Turkish Lira banknotes. The escort agencies and girls are now better aware of that and warn sometimes on their sites clients not try these tricks. Also it is reported that sometimes girls have a money marker with them to check the paper money they receive from a customer when doing business.

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Prostitution in Istanbul

Istanbul Escorts Guide
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Sex in Istanbul
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Swinging Clubs
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Strip Clubs
Street Prostitutes & Red Light Districts
Istanbul Sex Shops

Welcome to the website of women providing istanbul escort service, which provides the most beautiful and highest quality night of men’s lives. You can meet many women for all tastes, with different characteristics and different abilities in sex. On this platform, where you will have the opportunity to spend time alone, you can get together with special girls that suit your taste, nightly or hourly, and take your place in the middle of the entertainment.

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You can go to the meeting by making an appointment with istanbul escort ladies without any hesitation about health. All of the women you will communicate with undergo regular health checks and also live their relationships in healthy and clean conditions.

Great istanbul dating relationships that will make you happy, reach your fingertips without delay thanks to this special platform.

Escort istanbul relations that will make you happy, reach your fingertips without delay thanks to this special platform.

One of the most curious subjects of the gentlemen visiting our site is the meeting places of escort ladies.

​أهلا وسهلا بكم في موقع المرأة التي تقدم خدمة المرافقة في اسطنبول والتي تقدم أجمل وأرقى ليلة في حياة الرجل. يمكنك مقابلة العديد من النساء لجميع الأذواق ، بخصائص مختلفة وقدرات مختلفة في الجنس. على هذه المنصة ، حيث ستتاح لك الفرصة لقضاء بعض الوقت بمفردك ، يمكنك الالتقاء مع فتيات مميزات يناسب ذوقك ، ليلاً أو كل ساعة ، وتأخذ مكانك في وسط الترفيه.

ستتاح لك أيضًا فرصة الوصول إلى صور حقيقية للنساء على هذه المنصة ، والتي أعددناها مع ملفات تعريف السيدات المرافقات الحقيقية والدقيقة تمامًا في اسطنبول.

يمكنك الذهاب إلى الاجتماع عن طريق تحديد موعد مع سيدات اسطنبول المرافقة دون أي تردد بشأن الصحة. تخضع جميع النساء اللواتي ستتواصلن معهن لفحوصات صحية منتظمة ويعشن أيضًا علاقاتهن في ظروف صحية ونظيفة.

علاقات مواعدة رائعة في اسطنبول ستجعلك سعيدًا ، تصل إلى أطراف أصابعك دون تأخير بفضل هذه المنصة الخاصة.

علاقات مرافقة اسطنبول التي ستجعلك سعيدًا ، تصل إلى أطراف أصابعك دون تأخير بفضل هذه المنصة الخاصة.

من أكثر الموضوعات إثارة للفضول لدى السادة الذين يزورون موقعنا هي أماكن التقاء السيدات المرافقات.

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